Parameter Name Description

Please provide an appropriate title for your research project

1.2 Project Focus (Strategic Focus/Intervention)

1.3 Specific Focus Areas

1.4 Project Specifics (Discipline)

1.5 Project Type (Applied or Basic research)

2.0 Abstract

Should be about 300-500 words

3.0 Background to the project

Provide the information defining the issue/s that the consortium proposal is seeking to address

4.0 Project objective(s)

The objectives stated must be specific, measurable, realistic and attainable within the given project time frame

5.0 Relevance and likelihood of impact

A clear justification for the proposed research project(s), relationship to the Strategic Focus Area and aligned with expected impact

6.0 Expected Outputs of the Project

Clearly state the project expected outputs which should be realistic and quantifiable. The stated expected outputs should be clearly linked to your project objectives

7.0 Research design and methodology

Provide clear descriptions of the appropriateness of the methodologies and design to realize the project objectives

8.0 Consortium and Linkages

Provide a description of coherence and effectiveness of the workplan, including the appropriateness on allocation of tasks and resources, complementarity of the consortium partners, management structures and procedures